Shabbat Anthology Volume X 

Rebecca is thrilled to announce that "Elohai N'shamah" from "P'tach Libi" will be published in Transcontinental Music Publishing's Shabbat Anthology X, due to be released in late spring of 2022!

Pervasive Peace 

Thrilled and honored to share "Pervasive Peace," a musical collaboration for Rosh Hashanah with Alden Solovy: 

Here's an article from RavBlog about the development of the song:

Mikraei Kodesh 

Rebecca is very excited to announce that "You are Near" and "Y'varech'cha" have been chosen from hundreds of submissions to be included in the first two volumes of Transcontinental Music Publication's new series, Mikraei Kodesh (Songs of Lifecycle and Sacred Moments)! The submissions were reviewed and voted on by newly-assembled review and executive committees. Rebecca's music will be published, one in each, both in the first and second "MK" volumes. Volume I will be published in winter 2021-22 and Volumeā€¦

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Manginot Volume III 

Rebecca is very excited to announce that her song "Hariu" has been chosen for publication in The Complete Jewish Songbook for Children Volume III (Manginot), due to be released in late Spring 2021!!

Kol Isha Songbook 

Hot off the presses, Kol Isha features songs and settings of prayers composed by members of the Women Cantors' Network, including Rebecca's "Hariu"!!

Nigun Anthology Volume III 

Rebecca is excited to announce that "David's Nigun" (from Kirvu, co-written with David Aharon L. Curtis) will be published in the upcoming "Nigun Anthology Volume III" (from Transcontinental Music Publishing)!!

Kimmel Center II!! 

Rebecca was honored to solo once again at the Kimmel Center's Verizon Hall in Philadelphia, PA. This year's concert, Sing Hallelujah: Jewish Music in America, once again featured local area Reform and Conservative cantors, a mixed choir of over 100 singers, and special guest Hazzan Alberto Mizrahi.

Kimmel Center! 

Rebecca had the honor of soloing at the Kimmel Center's Verizon Hall in Philadelphia, PA. The concert, Sing Hallelujah, combined Jewish music with organ, Delaware Valley Reform and Conservative cantors, and a mixed choir of over 100 singers from our local congregations.

Shabbat Anthology Volume VIII 

Rebecca is excited to share that her "Y'did Nefesh" (from "Ahavah Rabah") has been chosen out of over 400 submissions to be included in Transcontinental Music's Shabbat Anthology Volume VIII, expected to be released in June of 2016.

Second Place Winner!! 

Rebecca is honored and excited to announce that she came in second in the Soundtrack of Our Spirit with "Yotzeir" from "Kirvu"! Read more: