Music, Carrier of Intention in 49 Jewish Prayers

Music_Carrier_of_Intention_in_49_Jewish_Prayers_Final_Front_Cover.jpg What does a particular liturgical song mean in a community, and in an individual heart? What is your personal story of connection to music, song, chanting, and spiritual lyrics? How does music change a life or bring back memories of a time of transformation? How are new songs, lyrics and music birthed in the Jewish community? These questions and more are explored by the authors-rabbis, cantors, poets, healers, and musicians, who share their wisdom and delight with you. Music, Carrier of Intention in 49 Jewish Prayers is a window into the heart and spirit of a profoundly diverse Jewish prayer community. If you are looking for ways to make your own spiritual practice more engaging or more meaningful, this book can provide a gateway to that journey. Forty plus authors open their hearts to you and share the ways in which music, song, prayer and Judaism have touched each of them. They come to you from diverse backgrounds-East coast to West coast, North America and beyond, Orthodox and Conservative to Reform, Reconstructionist, Jewish Renewal and more. Each section is a prompt for individual and communal soul searching. It will provide you, your book group or spiritual community with the tools to pray more joyfully and intentionally. CCNPublishingGroup(at) Co-editors, Rabbi Elizabeth W. Goldstein and Kimberly Burnham share the pages of this Jewish music anthology with 40 other authors including: Shefa Gold, Kimberly Burnham, Ann J White, Elizabeth W. Goldstein, Serene Victor, Natalie Young, Sheila Pearl, Susan Colin, Judy Caplan Ginsburgh, Joy Katzen-Guthrie, Rosalie Boxt, Beth Hamon, Shawn Israel Zevit, Robbi Sherwin, Jeff Gold, Hannah Seidel, Marci Vitkus, Rebekah Giangreco, Lisa Doob, Shira Wolosky, Sheldon Low, Saul Kaye, P. Faith Hayflich, Victoria Carmona, Brian Yosef Schachter-Brooks, Dahlia Topolosky, Mindy Sandler, Jack Kessler, Eric Komar, Rami Shapiro, Shira Kline, George Henschel, Diane J. Schmidt, Ruth Anne Faust, Aaron H. Tornberg, Arnie Davidson, Rebecca Schwartz, Shelly Aronson, Steve Dropkin, Ter Lieberstein, and Michael Gurian. Purchase book on Amazon