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Rebecca Schwartz: Guestbook

Adam Fishbein

October 26, 2018

I grew up at Kol Ami with Rebecca, gaining an appreciation for singing and Jewish music through the student and adult choirs. I can confidently say that, without Rebecca, I would not have found my musical voice!

Edno Almeida

November 10, 2017

מזל טוב!!

Janet Shapiro

March 14, 2013

My Cantor is wonderful and incredible and sings so beautifully; and his music adds so much to our worship. However, I have added Rebecca to my "favorite Cantor's list" as #2. Rebecca, a Cantorial soloist, has such a wonderful singing voice, doing both liturgical and secular music. I have almost all of her CD's. I love them all; And Kirvu is exceptional.

Janet Shapiro

March 14, 2013

Kirvu is such an incredibly beautiful CD. I listen to it every day. It is so soothing for quiet times; and it has great rhythm for exercise times. I absolutely love it.

Fran Ariel Russell

January 20, 2013

Your music is the best thing that has happened to me recently. I can't get enough of it, so please keep us supplied with your inspirational creations, enough to last for all eternity. May God continue to guide you and may you continue to serve God so generously and eagerly and happily. You are a great blessing to me.

Gracia Gomez

May 17, 2012

I love your songs they are beautiful.
Where can i buy your Cd.


December 9, 2011

I just love your music. Recently bought 4 albums. Your music gets into my heart.


June 2, 2011

Becca (or Rebecca these days I guess) was my guitar teacher when I was 13 years old - nearly 35 years ago.. She taught me how to fingerpick and play the likes of James Taylor, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and a plethora of Hebrew songs. I took lessons from Becca each week in my home in Abington, PA. The lessons lasted for 2-3 years, but the gift I got from Becca lasted a life time. I took that talent that she helped me to acquire and played guitar literally all over the world. I played in night clubs, coffee houses, college parties and on Jerusalem's Ben Yehuda in 1985. My guitar helped me get through some of the toughest nights of myolive. When I was a medical resident at Albert Einstein in Philly, I would often be seen serenading my patients. I would often take my guitar out and play for patients in the CCU, helping them to take their minds off of what in some cases was their last night on earth. The guitar helped me to provide them with a respite from the fears and anxieties that are so often part of the CCU experience.

Later as I moved on in my life, my guitar took on a new role - it helped me melt my wife's heart in 1994. We were married for 12 years - and during that time though my guitar playing time waned a bit, I brought up my kids listening to the strains of "Marvelous Little Toy" and "Puff the Magic Dragon".

As time went by, I stopped playing for a while. This past year I became divorced - a very painful experience. During that time I once again turned to my music and my Alvarez guitar. The music helped get me through some of the most difficult times of my life during the year of the divorice.

In the past few months, I once again picked up my guitar and started playing again. I recently met a woman from Israel. Last week we went on a hike and had a picnic and bottle of wine by the Mianus River Gorge in Pound Ridge, New York. Once again, the strains of James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, Harry Chapin and many others came back to me - helping me to melt the heart of this lovely woman.

This very night, when my 13 year old daughter was finishing her piano lesson (sorry, she's on the keyboard, not the guitar!), I asked that teacher if she knew any guitar teachers... She said that she herself was a guitar teacher. I signed my 10 year old son up on the spot for lessons.

This young woman reminded me of Becca and my lessons at age 13. It's my hope that she will help impart to my son and daughter the same gift of music that Becca gave to me. The experience prompted me to search the internet to see of "Becca Wolpert" was still around. Google's a wonderful thing. I found you!

Becca, I hope you read this. It's not often that someone gets to hear about the results of the work they did 35 years ago - and even less seldom hears about the wondrous impact a 30 minute guitar lesson had on a boy's life. I'm 47 now and I still have all my handwritten music books that Becca transcribed during my lessons. I have kept them all these years as they are a magical gateway back to those lessons and time.

Becca, you had a profound effect on my life and hopefully soon, the life of my kids. I no longer life in Abington - rather I live in Connecticut. I found that it is tough to find a teach here who teaches in the same style as Becca did. It's my hope that the young woman teaching my kids now can impart to them the same joy of music that you did all those years ago.

Thank you for my music. It has been an irreplaceable part of my life for all this time.


Steven E. Labkoff, MD
Stamford, CT

As the song says, "she gave to me a gift I know I never can repay"

Francine Safir DiBello

March 6, 2011

Hi Rebecca,
I was at the music workshop last at night Beth Shalom in Elkins Parks, where you led us in the Havdalah Service. I immediately recognized one of your tunes, before I knew that you were going to be there. I wanted to tell you that I am a big fan of your music, but I did not get a chance before you left. I wanted to specifically tell you that I loved your Sh'ma so much that not only did I introduce it to my synagogue a few years ago, but I sang it to my dying father in his hospital bed instinctively. I tried to teach it my brother the harmony, so that we could sing it together to him. My father, a Holocaust refugee, was a very religious and musical person and loved that fact that my new passion was Jewish music. So, with my joy of recently discovering this beautiful melody, I knew music would lift his spirits if only for a moment. I held his hand as I sang it him, with his eyes closed, unable to speak and then asked him if he liked it--after not being able to communicate by any other way, he shook his head yes and squeezed by hand. It wasn't until after he died, a few days later, that I learned that the Sh'ma should be recited just before a person dies. Thank you for your inspiring Sh'ma melody that led me to do it that day. (plus your other uplifting and beautiful melodies)!

Rosa Giberti

August 13, 2010

Hi Rebecca!!! It's me Rosa. If you don't remember me I know you from Crane Lake Camp and you taught me how to play Mah Tovu on the guitar. So how have you been? I hope you are having fun at Crane Lake (still!) I can't believe Crane Lake 2010 is almost over. =( Well there is always next year! I have been listening to your music on the website. I love the songs!!! They are so good! I love them!
Say hi to Jeff for me!!
-Rosa Giberti

Ellen Gordon Klein

June 9, 2010

Hello Laverock neighbor and Cheltenham HS classmate from years ago...I have seen your picture on FB but only came upon your site today. I listened to some of your songs - really nice! Also watched some Youtube of you in Amsterdam. I remember you always with a guitar, but had no idea how far you'd come! I sang Jewish songs as a teen at BT-BJ, but that was the end of that...anyway, Mazel Tov and Yeshar Kohaich. Keep up the good work, and maybe sometime when I come back East I will hear/see you in person.

Brian Miller

May 26, 2010

Great to see you have been continually creating wonderful music all these years and making this world a better place! Sincerely your ol' pal from High School Brian Miller. God Bless
Married and livin in Ireland. Still makin jewellery...

Andy Zeldin

May 6, 2010

Hi Rebecca. You have an excellent website. Mazel Tov! We have two things in common. Our fathers were both born on the same day in the same hospital. And we were both born on that same day in the same hospital (but not the same one as our fathers were born in.). Write back if y9ou have a moment. Thanks. Andy Z.

Peter Abraham

April 30, 2010

Lest we forget in the blur, the maelstrom of moment to moment, hour by hour, day to day and cyclic years of life... music reverberates through decades and centuries.
We rely upon hits of the day and the fond classics of our youth.
What is it in the music that tugs so deeply? There can be a hundred hundred performances and suddenly in the wash of stage light the music is more real, more vibrant and more important than ever.
Those moments, unbidden and always a revelation, are the foodstuffs that nourish the muse.

How completely delightful to see how well fed your muse is.


March 16, 2010

What a GREAT website! Yesher Koach :)

Janet Shapiro

January 7, 2010

I took a break at work today and listened to songs from your P'tach Libi CD on your website. Aother fantastic Rebecca CD. I'm going to buy it at Cafe Tikvah and ask you to autograph it for me.

Tom Depalantino

December 11, 2009

It's great to see your still singing....and sounding better than ever.

Patricia Hardin

November 5, 2009

Oh my goodness. I t would be so much pleasure if me were able to sing together sometime just for the sheer joy of it. I see the where-for-all of your award for Yisrael B'nishmati. So beautiful. I had to go get my tenor conga for Ashrei Adam. That is the only instrument I have played in public. Not much progress on the guitar yet and I am not teaching piano currently. Let me go on & get a whole new album downloaded. I won't be satisfied tonight until I do.



Patricia Hardin

November 5, 2009

Hiddy-doo, as David's favorite actress & local celebrity, Dolly Parton would say. I am only 45 min from Pigeon Forge where her park is and I am one of these days going to get him an intro and maybe have him sing up there; but don't tell him. I have been injured and hospitalized this past year and I've misplaced the CD David sent me so I'm downloading something tonight. I just have an urgent yearning for your beautiful voice and incredible interpretation tonight. Got to have it! Now!! Thank you Love, Peace, & Light. Patricia

rose baum

October 30, 2009

hi rebecca it's rose from crane lake camp you music is awsome.

June Hudson

October 6, 2009

Rebecca, so nice to chat at Anna's event on sunday. I'm happy to have your cd and have passed one on as a gift to our youth leader at Grace Pres Church.

shaina morrel

August 12, 2009

hi rebecca
i miss you and your singing!


August 2, 2009

I love your website! By the way i go to crane lake camp.

Tony Hogan

March 12, 2009

Very nice music

Alan Hershey

January 30, 2009

Hello long lost classmate Rebecca!
While doing a Google search on people I remember from elementary school, I found you after all these years! Sounds like you have a wonderful career making people very happy. Want to wish you all the best, and know that you will always be remembered as a very smart and friendly 11 year old!
Alan Hershey
Westport, Connecticut

Cynthia Fishel

September 25, 2008

I stepped into a store in Lenox and on came your beautiful, lilting voice. Instead of shopping for family, I found myself focusing on your music instead. As a former professional classical pianist coming from a religious background, it was an absolute treat to experience you. And of course, I "opened my heart" and bought the CD! Many thanks and blessings, Cynthia

Jeffrey Greenbarg

July 26, 2008

Your music is still great. I don't know if you will remember me since it has been about 30 yrs but you taught me guitar and I remain a great fan of yours.

July 23, 2008

I go to CLC, and I am so happy that we have such an amazing song leader!! Camp would not be the same without you!
Hope you are coming back next year :)

james gillies

June 1, 2008

you look great; think of you often......still have the book of songs you wrote me ....wish you well

Toni Montague

March 30, 2008

I was traveling on a very rocky, unsteady, airplane ride from Aruba to Philadelphia last month. It was quite scary! I put my earplugs from my iPOD into my ears and listened to your beautiful and calming voice. I was able to relax and breath...........and forget about the fear. Thank you so much for helping me through a tough time. Toni

David Goldblatt

March 27, 2008

Dear Rebecca,
Might as well sign your guest book. I've been corresponding with you long enough and have been to this site a few times. Wish you were coming to Sharon for Temple Israel's annual Sandra Gamm Memorial Concert. That's how I met my chazan friend Aaron Bensoussan.

Hope you had a wonderful Purim.


Daniel Stern

February 22, 2008

Hey Rebecca,

this summer you were so good as the song leader!!!
just found your website, its so nice to hear all the camp songs again.

Yohka Boghossian ben Israel

February 8, 2008

I love the sounds of a struming guitar, If you can do it even to make both my heart and my soul dance , so you are my favourite.
You are my favourite Rebecca.

Pamela Sawyer

February 6, 2008

Wow! When is the songbook coming out?


November 4, 2007

Hey Rebecca!! I listened to the music, it was great!! See ya next choir practice.

Becky Harvey

October 14, 2007

hi rebecca!
this summer was sooo much fun singing all the camp songs with you! were amazing and i had a blast when we were camping out and you came to sing with was amazing! tell eric i say hi!
Becky Harvey

Kelly Bershader

August 24, 2007

Hi Rebecca!
This summer you were such a fantastic songleader at camp and from all of the stickers you gave us I was very excited to visit your website! Hope to see you next summer, tell Eric I say hi!
-Kelly Bershader :)

Lonfredric Palitz

March 26, 2007

We at Old York Road Temple Beth Am are so fortunate to be able to enjoy your Shabbat service music on a regular basis. Thank you so much. And this website is so well done. Best wishes.


February 20, 2007

I love your music that is why i go on your site everyday!!

Ross M. Levy

November 7, 2006

Your music is wonderful and you are a true inspiration. I look forward to playng with you and helping to spread your gift of song around.

Sharon Katz

September 21, 2006

Rebecca, you have soul. Your music and your spirit spreads so much love and peace in the world. Thank you for being such a sharing and supportive force in so many people's worlds including mine. It is such a pleasure to write and perform music together. Lets create!

Jim Frank

September 7, 2006

Hi Rebecca and family! Maura, Jacob and I miss seeing and hearing you each shabbat. Hopefully your cd will fill the void. How is Linda? See yunz next summer. Jim

Alex Philipson

August 21, 2006

Hi, I go to Crane Lake and i love ur music...tell jeff alex says hi and come back again

sarah stulmaker

August 21, 2006

hi rebecca! i got to crane lake camp and i love you and your singing! i hope you come back next year! and jeff and eric are really cool!

Cantor Allan Robuck

August 12, 2006

I'm the pianist with Visions. I'd like to talk to you about a couple of your songs.

Geri Blier

June 23, 2006

Dear Rebecca,

I first heard you sing two weeks ago at our Abington Memorial Hospital Hospice Volunteer luncheon. You graced us with your beautiful voice, skillful music, and gentle spirit; I’ve been enjoying your CDs ever since. I am a Christian-with-a-Jewish-heart, for we are all children of the Creator: We are many and we are one, celebrating together!

May you be blessed with all good things!

Geri Blier

students of Joan Freedman

January 26, 2006

Dear Rebecca,
We love your songs. We are listening to your CD during our enrichment class. We are in 2nd grade. Our names are Talia, Sarah, Jordan, Jake and Atara. We calm down when we're listening to the songs. We really like your voice. It's incredible. It's cool. We like your logo with the guitar and Jewish star. Bye bye for now.

Jeff Voynow

January 9, 2006

Becca, I was wandering by and came across this wonderful website. It's been many years since I've heard your vocals (and you mine, thank God). Ahhh, the roads we've traveled. This has really brought back some great childhood memories....Jeff


December 13, 2005

hi its me from hebrew choir at Temble beth am. i love ur cd. your a really cool person. Your my favorite gutire player.